Package dak :: Module process_upload
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Module process_upload

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Checks Debian packages from Incoming

Contact: Debian FTP Master <>


License: GNU General Public License version 2 or later

Functions [hide private]
usage(exit_code=0) source code
Try to call function or reject the upload if that fails
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get_processed_upload(upload) source code
accept(directory, upload) source code
accept_to_new(directory, upload) source code
reject(directory, upload, reason=None, notify=True) source code
real_reject(directory, upload, reason=None, notify=True) source code
action(directory, upload) source code
unlink_if_exists(path) source code
process_it(directory, changes, keyrings) source code
process_changes(changes_filenames) source code
main() source code
Variables [hide private]
  Options = None
  Logger = None

Imports: datetime, errno, fcntl, os, sys, traceback, apt_pkg, time, daklog, UrgencyLog, SummaryStats, Config, utils, daklib

Function Details [hide private]

accept(directory, upload)

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  • @try_or_reject

accept_to_new(directory, upload)

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  • @try_or_reject

reject(directory, upload, reason=None, notify=True)

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  • @try_or_reject