Package daklib :: Module announce :: Class ProcessedUpload
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Class ProcessedUpload

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Contains data of a processed upload.

Class Variables [hide private]
  maintainer = None
Maintainer: field contents
  changed_by = None
Changed-By: field contents
  fingerprint = None
Fingerprint of upload signer
  suites = []
Destination suites
  from_policy_suites = []
Policy suites
  changes = None
Contents of .changes file from upload
  changes_filename = None
Changes Filename
  sourceful = None
Did upload contain source
  source = None
Source value from changes
  architecture = None
Architectures from changes
  version = None
Version from changes
  bugs = None
Bugs closed in upload
  program = "unknown-program"
Which dak program was in use
  warnings = []
Eventual warnings for upload