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Module archive

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module to manipulate the archive

This module provides classes to manipulate the archive.

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manipulate the archive in a transaction
handle an upload
Functions [hide private]
daklib.dbconn.Component or None
source_component_from_package_list(package_list, suite)
Get component for a source package
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Imports: checks, Config, check_upload_for_external_signature_request, upload, daklib, FilesystemTransaction, re_changelog_versions, re_bin_only_nmu, os, shutil, NoResultFound, object_session, sqlalchemy, subprocess, traceback

Function Details [hide private]

source_component_from_package_list(package_list, suite)

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Get component for a source package

This function will look at the Package-List field to determine the component the source package belongs to. This is the first component the source package provides binaries for (first with respect to the ordering of components).

It the source package has no Package-List field, None is returned.

Returns: daklib.dbconn.Component or None
component for the given source or None