Package daklib :: Module dbconn :: Class DBConn
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Class DBConn

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database module init.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) source code
__setuptables(self) source code
__setupmappers(self) source code
__createconn(self) source code
session(self, work_mem=0)
Returns a new session object.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  __shared_state = {}
  db_meta = None
  tbl_architecture = Architecture.__table__
  tables = 'acl', 'acl_architecture_map', 'acl_fingerprint_map',...
  views = 'bin_associations_binaries', 'changelogs', 'newest_sou...
Method Details [hide private]

session(self, work_mem=0)

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Returns a new session object. If a work_mem parameter is provided a new transaction is started and the work_mem parameter is set for this transaction. The work_mem parameter is measured in MB. A default value will be used if the parameter is not set.

Class Variable Details [hide private]


'acl', 'acl_architecture_map', 'acl_fingerprint_map', 'acl_per_source'\
, 'archive', 'bin_associations', 'bin_contents', 'binaries', 'binaries\
_metadata', 'build_queue', 'changelogs_text', 'changes', 'component', \
'component_suite', 'config', 'dsc_files', 'external_files', 'external_\
overrides', 'external_signature_requests', 'extra_src_references', 'fi\
les', 'files_archive_map', 'fingerprint', 'hashfile', 'keyrings', 'mai\
ntainer', 'metadata_keys', 'new_comments', 'override', 'override_type'\
, 'policy_queue', 'policy_queue_upload', 'policy_queue_upload_binaries\


'bin_associations_binaries', 'changelogs', 'newest_source', 'newest_sr\
c_association', 'package_list', 'source_suite', 'src_associations_src'\