Suite related queries

@contact: Debian FTPMaster <ftpmaster@debian.org> @copyright: 2014 Mark Hymers <mhy@debian.org> @license: GNU General Public License version 2 or later

@newfield maps: Mapping, Mappings

dakweb.queries.suite.suite(suite: Optional[str] = None) str

Gives information about a single suite. Note that this routine will look up a suite first by the main suite_name, but then also by codename if no suite is initially found. It can therefore be used to canonicalise suite names.


suite – Name or codename of the suite.


A dictionary of - name: maps to Suite: in the Release file - codename: maps to Codename: in the Release file - dakname: internal name that should not be relied upload - archive - architectures - components

See also

suites() on how to receive a list of valid suites.

dakweb.queries.suite.suites() str

Give information about all known suites.

@maps: name maps to Suite: in the release file @maps: codename maps to Codename: in the release file. @maps: dakname is an internal name and should not be relied upon.


List of dictionaries made out of - name - codename - dakname - archive - architectures - components