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Package dakdb

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Database update scripts for usage with ``dak update-db``

Contact: Debian FTP Master <>

Copyright: 2008 Michael Casadevall <>

License: GNU General Public License version 2 or later

Update scripts have to ``import psycopg2`` and ``from daklib.dak_exceptions import DBUpdateError``.

There has to be **at least** the function ``do_update(self)`` to be defined. It should take all neccessary steps to update the database. If the update fails the changes have to be rolled back and the :exc:`~daklib.dak_exceptions.DBUpdateError` exception raised to properly halt the execution of any other update.


def do_update(self):
    print("Doing something")

        c = self.db.cursor()
        c.execute("SOME SQL STATEMENT")

    except psycopg2.ProgrammingError as msg:
        raise DBUpdateError(f"Unable to do whatever, rollback issued. Error message: {msg}")

This function can do whatever it wants and use everything from dak and daklib.

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