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 1  """ 
 2  General 
 3  ======= 
 4    The Debian Archive Kit web api, AKA the B{FTP-Master api}, allows 
 5    anyone to query the database of the Debian archive kit for information 
 6    related to the archive. That is, it provides information about the 
 7    archive, its suites and all the packages. 
 9    Development 
10    ----------- 
11    B{NOTE}: B{The api} is still new and we are adding new features 
12    whenever someone asks for them. Or better yet, provides a patch. 
13    B{The api}s code lives in the C{dak} codebase, if you want to provide 
14    a patch with a new feature, or fix a bug, feel free to fork it on 
15    Salsa and send us a merge request:: 
19  Usage 
20  ===== 
21    B{The api} responds to simple http queries and (usually) replies with 
22    JSON formatted data. Some commands may require an extra parameter to 
23    output JSON (notably the madison one). 
25    U{} is the base path for all 
26    requests. 
28    Available Methods 
29    ----------------- 
30    The list of available methods can be seen by browsing the 
31    automatically generated documentation for the L{dakweb.queries} 
32    module. There are various submodules dealing with different parts of 
33    the api. Every I{public} function of those modules corresponds to 
34    one available method. The input parameters and the output format are 
35    documented with each of those functions. 
38  @contact: "Debian FTPMaster <>". 
39  """