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The Debian Archive Kit web api, AKA the **FTP-Master api**, allows anyone to query the database of the Debian archive kit for information related to the archive. That is, it provides information about the archive, its suites and all the packages.


.. note:

  The API is still new and we are adding new features
  whenever someone asks for them. Or better yet, provides a patch.
  The APIs code lives in the DAK codebase, if you want to provide
  a patch with a new feature, or fix a bug, feel free to fork it on
  Salsa and send us a merge request::


The API responds to simple http queries and (usually) replies with JSON formatted data. Some commands may require an extra parameter to output JSON (notably the madison one).

```` is the base path for all requests.

Available Methods

The list of available methods can be seen by browsing the automatically generated documentation for the :mod:`dakweb.queries` module. There are various submodules dealing with different parts of the api. Every *public* function of those modules corresponds to one available method. The input parameters and the output format are documented with each of those functions.

Contact: "Debian FTPMaster <>".

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