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Module madison

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"Madison" interface

Contact: Debian FTPMaster <>


License: GNU General Public License version 2 or later

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Display information about `package`\ (s).
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Imports: bottle, json, list_packages, QueryRegister

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Display information about `package`\ (s).

.. versionadded:: December 2014

  • package - Space separated list of packages.
  • a - only show info for specified architectures.
  • b - only show info for a binary type. deb/udeb/dsc
  • c - only show info for specified component(s). main/contrib/non-free
  • s - only show info for this suite.
  • S - show info for the binary children of source pkgs. true/false
  • f - output json format. json

    :return: Text or Json format of the data

    .. seealso:: :func:`~dakweb.queries.suite.suites` on how to receive a list of valid suites.

  • @bottle.route('/madison')